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FADRR is a digital marketplace for sample packs created by artists, for artists. Here, producers can find a wide variety of packs from a diverse range of creators, all in one convenient location.

One of the unique features of FADRR is the artist page. Each seller on the store has their own page, complete with a biography, showcase of their products, social links, and a full dashboard for sales insight and more. This allows producers to get to know the artists behind the packs they're purchasing, and discover new creators they might be interested in.

Another advantage of FADRR is its convenience. Today, it can be difficult to find sample packs created by individual artists, as many creators use their own websites or other platforms to sell their products. FADRR solves this problem by bringing all of these packs together in one easy-to-navigate marketplace.

Producers can sort through packs by their favorite artists, specific genres, or even merch from their favorite artist. This makes it easy to find the perfect pack for your next project, without having to spend hours searching the internet.

Buyer Q&A

How do I purchase a product on FADRR?

To purchase a product, simply navigate to the product page and click the "Buy" or "Add to Cart" button. From there, you will be prompted to enter your payment information and complete the transaction.

What types of products are available on FADRR?

FADRR offers a wide variety of products, including digital sample packs, physical merchandise, and more. All products are curated and handpicked by our team to ensure the highest quality.

What is the format of the digital sample packs?

All digital sample packs are in .wav format and are compatible with most popular music production software.

Can I use the sample packs in commercial projects?

Yes, all sample packs come with a lifetime license for use in commercial projects, as well as a royalty-free license unless the 'Product Policy' page on the product sais otherwise.

Are there any restrictions on the use of sample packs?​

The only restriction is that sample packs cannot be resold or distributed in their original form.

How do I download my purchased products?

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a download link for your purchased products. You can also access your downloads through your account on FADRR.

What is the return policy for physical merchandise?

Due to world wide shipping and a 3rd party included, we do not currently offer returns on physical merchandise.

How long does it take to receive my physical merchandise?

Shipping times may vary, but we aim to get your physical merchandise to you as soon as possible, usually within 2 weeks. You will receive tracking information once your order is shipped.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum order value.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order as long as it has not been shipped yet. If it has been shipped you will have to wait for the package to arrive and then return it.

Seller Q&A

If you're an artist and want to be a part of our community and sell your sample packs and merch, you can apply to be a seller on the store and get your own artist page.

What is FADRR?

FADRR is a digital marketplace for sample packs created by artists for artists.

How does it work?

As a seller, you can submit an application to become a part of the store. Once accepted, you will have your own artist page with a biography, showcase of your products, social links, and a full dashboard for sales insight.

How do I submit an application?

You can submit an application by filling out the provided form with your information, including your name, country, address, artist name, email address and a link to your digital products.

How will my products be displayed on the store?

Your products will be displayed on your own artist page and can be sorted by specific genres or your favorite artists.

Can I sell merchandise on the store as well?

Yes, as a seller, you will have the opportunity to create and sell your own merchandise with minimal effort required on your part. If you are interested in showcasing your own merch, reach out to us!

What is the revenue split for sales made through the store?

The revenue split for all digital sales made through Fadrr is 60/40, with 60% going to the artist. The revenue split for all physical sales made through Fadrr is 50/50 after deduction from producing the product

Is Fadrr Exclusive & can I remove my products from the store at any time?

No, The FADRR store is not exclusive and you are free to promote and sell your products on other places such as your own websites or stores while showcasing them with us. You also have the ability to remove your products from Fadrr at any time.

What is product bundling and how does it work?

When registering as a creator on Fadrr, you will be presented with the option to opt-in for product bundling. By accepting this option, you grant us permission to bundle your products with complementary items at a discounted price, or feature them in promotional sales such as holiday or celebratory events without obtaining your approval each time. While this option is not mandatory, it does streamline our workflow and allows us to more effeciently get awareness to your products and we highly recommend it.